Privacy policy

This mobile application does not collect any personal data about users unless they enter it themselves in the Neighborhood Bazaar, Places or Citizens' Suggestions modules. In these modules (Neighborhood Bazaar, Places or Suggestions from citizens) it is possible to obtain details or refuse consent in the form for each module separately. The application also allows links to third party sites, which can follow their own rules.

The only information that the application automatically obtains, transmits to our server, and which we store is the so-called registration id / token (hereinafter only the token) and which is used to send Push notifications to your device (Push notifications are what this application is primarily intended for). This token is not personal data, as this token cannot be connected to your person in any way for us. (example of token: APA91bH1MjbpdsXtn4OzYpLKCvvNl_uZ-26kU1f-P10pumLO0vp91X_cHnPcZ_WwTcCJYsDrJiwXLtJhar-xPuptCqx0TPwW_VRr_hNtnRnNnnnf).

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